Decide Quick Decide Right

I’m going to teach you a new way of making a decision so you always make decisions that are aligned with your deepest values, your vision, and that move your life and business forward.

If you’re used to being indecisive and second-guessing yourself, this is also going to make your decision making a lot faster and alleviate a lot of stress.

This is how a lot of people typically make decisions:

give fun examples—example, should I do this or not, what are other people doing, ask wife, what will people think, get 2nd or 5th opinion, take a poll

And the problem with this is is not only do you feel crappy and stressed when you struggle w/decision making and second-guessing, but over time it does some serious injury to your business and costs you a fortune. Lost opportunity, time, energy, focus. And time, energy, and focus are the most valuable things in your company.

As you get more successful, with more decisions to make, you have less time, and being able to make quick decisions you’re confident in is a must.

People who are really successful are usually the ones who exude confidence and part of that confidence is their ability to make quick decisions. They would rather trust themselves and make a quick decision even if later it turns out not to be 100% right, because they will end up better off and their business will be better off than if they got stuck in indecision and second guessing.

So today I’m going to teach you a powerful tool I created for myself that really revolutionized how I make decisions and has made it so much easier. And then I started using it with my clients and they are blown away and having transformations as a result. (tell your story of your business parter and how you were in action right away and made 20K, he lost 15K.

So now I’ll show you how to create this amazing decision-making tool.